Continuing Education Committee

Committee Objective

An important objective of ASCE Pittsburgh is to build and maintain professional and technical skills for the members to better meet the needs of today’s marketplace.  Continuing education is an effective tool to accomplish this goal.

Canon 7 in ASCE's Code of Ethics states:  

"Engineers shall continue their professional development throughout their careers, and shall provide opportunities for the professional development of those engineers under their supervision."  

It further reads "Engineers should keep current in their specialty fields by engaging in professional practice, participating in continuing education courses, reading in the technical literature, and attending professional meetings and seminars." Continuing education and lifelong learning are important parts of a Civil Engineer's career development and licensing requirements. Accordingly, the Continuing Education Committee's (CEC) main objective is to provide a forum for communications among members of the Pittsburgh Section, members of Technical Groups, and civil engineering educators to share knowledge and information on new practices, techniques, and other information to maintain and advance technical and professional skills of Section members.

For the committee's current long term goals click here.

For additional information or suggestions, please contact:

Sam Shamsi, PhD, PE, F.ASCE
Chair, Continuing Education Committee

Committee Members

Sam Shamsi, PhD, PE (Chair): Founded the committee in Sep. 2013, Jacobs Inc., ASCE-Pittsburgh Board Member since 2013; Distinguished Civil Engineer, ASCE-Pittsburgh, 2012; Civil Engineer of the Year, ASCE-Pittsburgh, 2006.
Jessica D. Bladow, EIT (Secretary): Joined Feb 2015, AECOM, ASCE R.H. Thomson Memorial Scholarship Finalist, Spring 2012
Kathryn Power, PE: Joined Nov 2013, PennDOT (Bridgeville office), National Young Member of the Year, American Society of Highway Engineers National, 2012.  Kathryn Power
Michael Krepsik, PE: Joined Nov 2013,Geotechnical Department Manager, ECS Mid-Atlantic, LLC; Treasurer ASCE-Pittsburgh 2017; Northeast Florida Young Engineer of the Year, Florida, Engineering Society, 2012  Michael Krepsik
Jared Neill, EIT, Joined February 2017, Staff Project Manager, ECS Mid-Atlantic, LLC

Yuyun Liang, Joined March 2017, Environmental Engineer, Allegheny County Health Department

Joao "Jay" F. Pereira, PhD, EIT: Joined March 2017, Water Resources Specialist, Ethos Collaborative

Continuing Education Committee Seeks Members

CEC is a new committee started in September 2013.  The committee is seeking additional members for a term of three years.  The main obligation of a Committee Member is to work with the Committee chair and other members in a team environment to help organize three continuing education events each year.  This may require finding suitable venues (hotels, restaurants, university auditoriums, etc.), finding speakers and sponsors, and creating event brochures.  Some members lead the event organization effort as a project manager.  Common CEC activities include (1) participation in quarterly committee meetings or conference calls, (2) participation in ongoing Email discussions, and (3) event planning and management. Engineers as well as student and faculty members are encouraged to apply.  Nominations are also welcome.  If interested, please Email a resume to CEC Chair, Sam Shamsi at

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