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    • 04 Apr 2020
    • 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM
    • ESWP
    • 71

    ***Update (3/19/20) - This event has been cancelled. Refunds will be processed as quickly as possible. If you have any questions, please contact Shirley Tang.***

    Spring Short Course - April 4th, 2020

    Dr. D.V. Griffiths - Colorado School of Mines

    The ASCE Geo-Institute Pittsburgh Chapter is excited to host Dr. D.V. Griffiths of the Colorado School of Mines for the 2020 Spring Short Course. Dr. Griffiths will be speaking on Quantitative Risk Assessment in Geotechnical Engineering, covering topics such as the rationale for probabilistic geotechnical analysis and risk assessment, the relationship between Factor of Safety and Probability of Failure, and how probabilistic methods can be applied to routine geotechnical design. 

    This course will also provide exposure to software for performing geotechnical analysis. Participants are encouraged to bring laptops and to run the programs provided free of charge to all participants.

    The seminar will take place at ESWP and the fee includes a continental breakfast, lunch, coffee, 7.0 PDH, and electronic and paper copies of the seminar notes. Please refer to the attached flyer for more details.

    Cancellations received after March 272020 and no shows will be billed. If you have any questions, please contact Shirley Tang.

    2020 GI Short Course Flyer.pdf

    Detailed Short Course Outline.pdf

Past events

19 Mar 2020 CANCELLED G-I dinner meeting - now WEBINAR OFFERED
13 Feb 2020 G-I dinner meeting: Cross-USA Lecture
15 Jan 2020 G-I joint dinner meeting with PGS & AEG
21 Nov 2019 G-I dinner meeting: 55th Terzaghi Lecture
24 Oct 2019 Geo-Institute Dinner Meeting
26 Sep 2019 Geo-Institute Kick-off Dinner Meeting
05 Apr 2019 Practical Aspects of Tunnel Design and Construction
14 Mar 2019 Geo-Institute Mar Dinner Meeting - Geo Institute's Cross USA Lecturer
28 Feb 2019 Geo-Institute Feb Dinner Meeting with DFI
16 Jan 2019 Geo-Institute Joint Meeting with PGS and AEG
21 May 2018 Geo Institute Happy Hour and End of Year Lecture
22 Mar 2018 Joint ASCE Diversity & Inclusion/ASCE Geo-Institute/DFI Women in Deep Foundations meeting
15 Feb 2018 GI - RAM Lecture: Risk Assessment in Geotechnical Engineering
30 Nov 2017 Geo-Institute: Annual Terzaghi Lecture
19 Oct 2017 Geo-Institute: Performing GeoHazard Assessments for Infastructure
19 Sep 2017 Geo-Institute: Geopier Rammed Aggregate Application and Regional Case Studies
19 Apr 2017 Geo-Institute/PGS Student Night
08 Apr 2017 GI / DFI: Annual Short Course: Augered Cast-in-Place and Drilled Displacement Piles
23 Mar 2017 GI/DFI Joint meeting - Communication Gap: Skills for Bridging the Gender Divide
23 Feb 2017 GI Dinner: New Baltimore Landslide
18 Jan 2017 GI/PGS Joint Meeting: Slurry-Supported Excavations for Environmental and Geotechnical Applications
08 Dec 2016 How Hydraulic Fracturing Changed an Industry and How Research is Changing Hydraulic Fracturing
19 Oct 2016 2016 Karl Terzaghi Lecture: Ground Deformation Effects on Subsurface Pipelines and Infrastructure Systems
23 Sep 2016 Geo Institute: 2014 OSO Landslide - Initiation and Flowslide
20 Apr 2016 PGS / AEG / ASCE Student Night
02 Apr 2016 Geo-Institute Short Course: Stability of Natural and Man-Made Slopes: Anaysis, Shear Strengths, Testing, Stability Methods, and Stabilization
17 Mar 2016 EWRI / GI Joint Dinner Meeting
25 Feb 2016 Geo-Institute: Cross USA Lecture
20 Jan 2016 Geo-Institute Dinner Meeting
17 Dec 2015 Webinar: Introduction to Rock Mechanics
19 Nov 2015 Fixing the Crack in Wanapum Dam: Geo-Institute Dinner Meeting
29 Oct 2015 2015 Terzaghi Lecture
24 Sep 2015 Investigation and Treatment of a “Swallvette” | Sinkhole Remediation at the National Corvette Museum
25 Apr 2015 Geo Institute Short Course - Deep Foundations: Selection, Design, Construction
26 Mar 2015 G-I Meeting
26 Feb 2015 Engineering Ethics in Permitting: How Far Must an Engineer Go? - Hosted by the Geo-Institute
21 Jan 2015 Joint Geo-Institute/Pittsburgh Geological Society (PGS) Meeting
18 Nov 2014 Cross-USA Geo-Institute Lecturer
23 Oct 2014 2014 Terzaghi Lecture - Energy Geotechnology: Enabling New Insights into Soil Behavior
10 Sep 2014 2014 Jahn's Lecture - Dr. Gregory Hempen
17 Apr 2014 Geo-Institute & DFI Joint Meeting and Special Lecture: Impact Load Tests for Embassy Protection Against Terrorists
29 Mar 2014 Recent Advances in the State-of-Practice of Ground Modification
24 Feb 2014 Seismic Modeling & Applications of FD Modeling to Rock Physics and Geomechanics: Joint PGS/Geo-Institute Meeting
23 Jan 2014 Geotechnical Design Services in the Marcellus Shale Gas Play
14 Nov 2013 Rehabilitation of the Thorn Run Dam
03 Oct 2013 Terzaghi Lecture: Geoenvironmental Engineering - Problems Solved and Challenges Remaining
17 Apr 2013 AEG/PGS/ASCE 11th Annual Student Night
27 Mar 2013 Factors Influencing Water Discharges From Pennsylvania Underground Coal Mine Pools
30 Jan 2013 Geologic Overview of Appalachian Shale Natural Gas Plays (Or...Why Here? Why Now?)
03 Nov 2012 Applications of Geotechnical Instrumentation
18 Oct 2012 The History and Progression of Rock Slope Stabilization for Menoher Boulevard (aka Easy Grade Highway or S.R. 271, Section 13)
19 Apr 2012 Terzaghi Lecture - Seismic Measurements and Geotechnical Engineering
15 Mar 2012 Remediation of Deep Seated Abutment Movement, Nesbitt Dam, Lackawanna County, PA
19 Jan 2012 Marcellus Shale Environmental & Geotechnical Impacts
15 Dec 2011 Design-Build Support of Excavation for City Creek Center
10 Nov 2011 Micropile Application - Three Mile Island
15 Oct 2011 Short Course: Application of Geophysics to Geotechnical Problems
10 May 2011 Geotechnical Applications of Geofoam
06 Apr 2011 Geotechnical Considerations in the Rebuild of Taum Sauk Upper Reservoir Dam
07 Mar 2011 Reinforced Soil Technology: From Experimental to the Familar
11 Nov 2010 Vertical Hydraulic Barriers
23 Oct 2010 Analysis and Design of Foundations On and In Rock
23 Sep 2010 Soil Improvement Methods With Geosynthetics
17 Jun 2010 Geotechs 2010: Past, Present and Future of Geotechnical Engineering in the Pittsburgh Region
10 Apr 2010 POSTPONED: Analysis and Design of Foundations On and In Rock
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